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The New York State Veterans' Home at Oxford is a long term care skilled nursing facility. We are located in Oxford NY, and we serve the Central New York Region. We provide care for veterans and their dependents. Our current building has 242 beds in six different neighborhoods, including our rehabilitation neighborhood and our memory care neighborhood. Our facility is clean and pleasant, and our staff are friendly and professional. We welcome you to a guided tour upon request!

The Home has a rich history, which can be read about in our History section. Photos are included. Future plans are also abundant, and will be added shortly. We continually strive to improve while preserving our homelike atmosphere.


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Our History
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Directions and Maps

Our Address:
4207 State Hwy. 220
Oxford, New York 13830



Contact Us

TOLL FREE: 1-800-NYS-VETS (697-8387)


ADMINISTRATION: (607) 843-3129

ADMISSIONS: (607) 843-3121


CLINIC: (607) 843-3173

Corporate Compliance: 1-800-NYS-VETS

HUMAN RESOURCES: (607) 843-3128

MAINTENANCE: (607) 843-3166

MEDICARE: (607) 843-3152

MEDICAID: (607) 843-3181

NURSING: 607) 843-3163


RESIDENT ACCOUNTS: (607) 843-3189

PHARMACY: (607) 843-3136

SOCIAL SERVICES: (607) 843-3123

THERAPIES: (607) 843-3135


Activities Department

The New York State Veteran's Home provides an ongoing recreation and activities program designed to meet the interests and physical/psycho-social well being of each resident. Activities staff encourage residents to voluntarily participate in facility programs, stimulate residents to use their physical and mental capabilities to the fullest extent and enable residents to maintain a sense of usefulness and self-respect.


Items Of Interest

Monthly Activities Calendar
Commissary / Gift Shop
Pet Project
Veterans' Auditorium


Recreation programs vary from large group functions such as church services, musical performances, and Bingo games to small groups such as reading groups and reminiscence groups, to one on one activities like crafts and gardening.

For more information regarding the Activities Department, or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Heeyoun Cho, Activities Director, at (607) 843-3126.



The Admissions Department is responsible for the overseeing of the admissions process. They are available to give personal tours of the facility, and meet with you to discuss any questions you may have regarding admissions. For information on how to apply for admission, contact:
Admissions Department
New York State Veterans Home
Oxford, NY 13830
or call
(607)843-3121 or (800) NYS-VETS.
You can also e-mail Linda Denz, our Admissions Coordinator, or call your local veterans' organization or veterans' counselor. You can also view our Admission Policy.

Download: Application for Admission
( PDF)
Adobe Acrobat Reader


Social Services

Upon admission, the unit social worker will greet you and your loved one at the door and will assist you in getting acquainted with the unit, staff and facility. The social worker acts as liaison, resident advocate, or moderator for you or your loved one regarding individual issues or other departments to ensure that your personal, social and emotional needs are being met. Your social worker continually monitors for changes in mood, behavior and cognition. When appropriate the social worker will meet with you and/or your loved one to devise interventions to address your needs which could include but is not limited to; adjustment to long term care, grief counseling, support groups, and discharge planning where appropriate. You may contact the Social Services department by calling (607) 843-3182.



Medicaid is a program for New Yorker's who can not afford to pay for medical care. You may be covered by Medicaid if:

  • You have high medical bills
  • You receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • You meet certain income, resource, age, or disability requirements.

For more information about what Medicaid is and if it is right for you, please visit The New York State Department Of Health website. For help processing your Medicaid application, please contact Mary Kiley at (607) 843-3181.



The NYS Veterans' Home is a Nursing Facility that specializes in skilled care. For more information and websites that may be helpful to you, please visit Medicare Coverage in a Skilled Nursing Facility. For assistance or for more information regarding Medicare, please contact Corinne Ray at (607) 843-3152.


Employee Assistance Program

E.A.P. is a benefit offered to all NYS employees, family members, and retirees. It is a voluntary program designed to offer a highly professional, confidential source of help for personal problems or concerns. The program offers assessment and referrals. The program recognizes that employees are people first and are subject to stress and pressures that impact their ability to be effective at work.

Confidentiality is paramount. The only exceptions to confidentiality are when information is required by law or executive order to be disclosed, when a person is likely to harm him/herself or others, or when there is reasonable suspicion of child abuse.

The NYS EAP is jointly sponsored by labor and management. It provides referrals, tailored for individual employee needs, to community resources. The program tries to offer a choice of resources, which are low-cost or no cost. Some of the services requested by employees may include:

  • Assistance with family related problems;
  • Assistance with emotional or physical illnesses, alcohol and other drug-related problems;
  • Information on resources for childcare, eldercare, legal and financial support services;
  • Workplace, health education, and employee wellness programs.

The EAP Coordinator is able to meet with employees at the Home or in a public setting. The confidential EAP 24-hour answering service is 607-843-3230. Employees may also obtain EAP services by calling 1-800-822-0244.


Human Resources

We, the staff of the New York State Veterans' Home at Oxford have been given a great opportunity to serve those who have served us in the armed forces of the United States of America. The Human Resources Management Office works with each Department to pick the very best candidate for the specific opening that we are trying to fill.

The Human Resource Department continues to support supervisors and staff alike throughout the working life of each employee. Some of those activities include providing guidance, direction, and assistance in the execution of various personnel activities.

You can contact the Human Resources office at (607) 843-3128 or (607) 843-3196.


H.R. Links

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Volunteer Opportunities
Job Opportunities
NYS Department Of Civil Service
NYS Department Of Health Employment
Office of NYS Comptroller
Governor's Office of Employee Relations
CSEA Labor Union
PEF Labor Union
NYSCOPBA Labor Union


NYS Veterans' Home Employment Application

1. Download the Employment Application
(RN's and LPN's only - also download and complete the NYS Civil Service Application) both in PDF format. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader,you can download it here for free.

2. Print and Complete the Applications and Three (3) copies each of the Personal and Work Reference Pages.

3. Return it to:

New York State
Veterans' Home at Oxford
4207 State Hwy. 220
Oxford, New York 13830
Attn: Human Resources



The Environmental Services Department consists of Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Laundry services.

Maintenance services are provided by two general mechanics, five maintenance assistants, and two grounds workers. All major building trades are represented by the above staff. Along with maintaining the 198,000 square foot nursing home, there are several outbuildings that are also maintained. These include the Centralized Billing Office, Maintenance building, and 60+ acres of property.


Housekeeping / Laundry

Housekeeping plays an important role in keeping the facility sanitary pleasant looking. Housekeepers are responsible for ensuring that resident rooms, eating areas, lobby restrooms, and other areas of the facility are neat and clean. Laundry services are also provided for residents.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who is eligible for Admission to the Home?
A: Please contact our Admissions Department for information regarding admission to the Home.

Q: How many residents currently live in the Home?
A: The NYS Veterans' Home is a 242 bed facility. We operate at a full or close to full occupancy.

Q: Who would I speak with regarding employment opportunities?
A: You can reach our Human Resources office by calling (607) 843-3128. A downloadable PDF format Employment Application and E-mail is also available on the Human Resources page.

Q: What are normal visiting hours?
A: Normal visiting hours are from 8:00am to 8:00pm. However, special arrangements can be made. This is especially true for emergencies and out of town visitors.

Q: Can I bring in my pet to visit?
A: Yes, domestic pets are welcome at The Home. Please view our Pet Project page for details and requirements.

Q: Where are you located and how do I get there?
A: We are located in Oxford, New York, approximately 35 miles North of Binghamton. For an online map or driving directions, services like Google are available for your use. Our physical address is
New York State
Veterans' Home at Oxford
4207 State Hwy. 220
Oxford,  New York   13830.

Q: Can I dine with my family members / visitors?
A: Family members and other visitors are welcome and encouraged to dine with residents. Daily meals are $8.00 and Holiday meals are at an increased price. Please purchase your meal ticket from Security on the day you wish to dine.


Our History

In the 1890's the Woman's Relief Corps, the auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic, persuaded New York State to establish and maintain a home which a veteran could enter accompanied by his wife without separating them in their advanced years. Before the establishment of the home, veterans could be admitted to the New York State Soldiers and Sailors Home at Bath, New York, but no provision was made for the wives of such veterans and they were left to care for themselves the best they could.

The site chosen for the facility was located in the Village of Oxford, New York in Chenango County and was formally opened in April 19, 1897 and immediately admitted 24 residents members. By 1911 the home had expanded to five buildings, including four cottages and an infirmary (now known as the skilled nursing facility). Also by 1911 there were 172 resident members at the facility. In 1931 a wing was added to the skilled nursing facility.

In 1971 administration responsibility for the home was transferred from the New York State Department of Social Services to the Department of Health. Shortly after the transfer it was determined that the facility was out of conformity with health and safety requirements of the Life Safety Code of the National Fire Protection Association because of its basic wood frame construction. It was also determined that replacing the facility would be a much more economical way to bring it into compliance than to attempt to renovate the existing facility. In 1972 the State legislature appropriated funds to develop plans for a new facility.

Be sure to view our slideshow of the historic Women's Relief Corps
(now known as the New York State Veterans' Home at Oxford)

The current building opened in 1979. In May of 1981 the all-new one story building was formally opened. Each resident had a private room sharing an adjoining restroom shared with one other resident. There are no longer cottages identified as A, B, C, and D but were given distinctive names such as Apple, Spruce, Maple, Pine, Hawthorn, and Oak, each named after a tree.


Clinic and Medical Services

The New York State Veterans' Home Medical Services include the operation and supervision of the onsite Clinic, Admissions, the Pharmacy, Medical Records, and Discharge Planning. The clinic consists of the Medical Director, attending physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and the support staff. Vision, dental, and podiatry services are also provided to our residents. To schedule an appointment or for more information please call the Veterans' Home Clinic at 607-843-3173.


Memory Care Treatment

In 1991 the New York State Veterans' Home in Oxford determined there was a need for a specialized care unit for those individuals with dementia. The neighborhood was then designed with secure care alarms to allow these individuals to ambulate safely throughout the neighborhood. This specialized neighborhood houses individuals with varying degrees of dementia. The residents' basic needs of sustaining life, health, spirit, and individuality are met with the assurance of a team of trained staff. The team cares for, manages, and intervenes with the precept that these are residents who are at risk, vulnerable, and often unaware of the consequences of their own actions.

The maintenance of this higher quality of life is further accomplished by reducing and/or eliminating the need of restraints, training of staff to the environment, unique activities programming, and the involvement of the family in providing care.


Multi-Purpose Room

The Multi-Purpose Room is a large room off the main mall in the lobby. It is used for large recreational activities such as Bingo, musical performances, church services, birthday parties, and more. It is also sometimes used by the community for dances, banquets, and other social gatherings. For more information regarding use of the Multi-Purpose Room, please contact the Activities Department at (607) 843-3126.


Skilled Nursing Services

The Nursing Department at the New York State Veterans' Home provides skilled nursing care on six neighborhoods ranging in size from 32 beds to 42 beds per unit, including the Rehabilitation and Memory Care neighborhoods. The Department consists of over 200 employees including Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Secretaries, Ward Clerks, a Per Diem pool and Unit Assistants.

Our Nursing department employees range from brand new graduates of Certified Nursing Assistant classes to seasoned employees with over 20 years of service. The average length of

We provide educational opportunities for our employees through onsite sessions and by having the flexibility to attend classes elsewhere.


Fine Dining

The Food and Nutritional Services Department of the New York State Veterans’ Home at Oxford is pleased to provide nutritious meals to all of our residents at the Home. We offer residents a home -like dining experience in one of six dining rooms located on each neighborhood. All staff assists our residents at mealtime. It is a social event that stimulates appetites and caters to our residents’ every wish.

Because we have located our service areas where the residents enjoy their meals, we are able to offer extensive menu choices for all our residents including those that may require consistency modifications, have personal menu preferences, have medical needs such as allergy precautions or just want to try something new and different.

Our resident menu is based on a three week cycle. In order to assure that the resident dining experience is as close to a home dining experience as possible the menu cycle is change a minimum of twice a year to make seasonal foods available. We also incorporate our holiday meals (12 times per year) and special events such as picnics in the summer into the cycle menus.

In addition to the meals served each day we have snacks that are distributed at least three times a day. In the evening we’re pleased to be able to offer a variety of “at home” snacks including root beer floats and milkshakes among other popular choices. Coffee, juice, hot chocolate and a variety of “munchies” are available 24/7 in each dining area for the pleasure of our residents and visitors.

Residents are encouraged to make suggestions for changes to the menu cycle or snack foods cycle. All residents are welcome to actively participate in the monthly Resident Dietary Meetings.

Residents who require Medical Nutrition Interventions to assure their continued health are assisted by a team of three registered Dietitians and/or two Registered Diet Technicians, all of whom are on staff. A member of the clinical team is available an average more than ten hours a day to meet and talk with residents and their families to discuss their medical nutritional needs. The Clinical Nutrition Team works closely with the Medical Staff and the Nursing Staff as well as the Speech and Language Pathologist to provide meals and snacks that improve the nutritional health of our residents. The expertise of the clinical nutrition staff also makes it possible for us to provide quality nutrition monitoring for those residents who may require intravenous fluids or enteral nutrition.


The Liberty Lounge

The Liberty Lounge is for employees of the New York State Veterans' Home. It is open for breakfast, luch, and dinner. A hot meal is featured daily, with fresh sandwiches available upon request as well. The lounge includes a soda fountain, microwave, toaster, and a television set for entertainment purposes. A cold vending and soft serve ice cream machines are also available.

The Liberty Lounge is open until 5:00pm weekdays, and 3:00pm weekends and holidays.

An outside smoking hut is available for employee smokers, and can be accessed by going through the Liberty Lounge. Volunteers are always welcome in the Liberty Lounge.


Resident Accounts

Residents may establish an individual interest bearing account through the Veterans' Home Resident Accounts office. You may deposit funds into this account to pay for personal items or services such as the Barber/Beauty Shop, Gift Shop , Cable TV, or Telephone.

A statement is automatically provided to you or your designated representative quarterly or upon request. Banking hours are Monday - Friday 10:30am to 1:00pm, 3:00pm to 4:00pm or upon request. The Resident Accounts office is located near the Main Entrance down the hall from the front desk.


Resident Mail

Mail is delivered to the Veterans' Home Business Office Monday through Saturday. Resident's personal mail is sorted out and then delivered to their room by the staff on the unit. Residents may choose to have the Business Office staff open and manage their business mail, such as insurance, physician, or hospital bills. We will only do this with your express written permission which can be revoked at any time. You may also wish to handle these items yourself. Feel free to visit us for assistance at any time. We would be happy to help you!


Safety and Security

The Security Department's main focus is to ensure the safety and security of all residents, visitor's, and staff twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year.

The department currently employs a total of thirteen officers. One full time officer is a Security Services Assistant II, 8 full time officers are Security Services Assistant I's and 4 hourly New York State certified security guards. Security is responsible for a large amount of duties that include front desk, regular rounds of the facility and grounds, the operation of the main telephone system, training staff on safety procedures, conducting several types of drills, providing escort services on request, as well as a variety of other assigned duties.

You may contact the NYS Veterans' Home Security by calling (607) 843-3101.


Rehabilitation Services

The New York State Veterans' Home boasts a newly equipped Rehabilitation Department ready to meet the short and long term care needs of our residents. The professional staff of therapists work closely as a team to help people achieve the most effective results possible.

The Physical Therapists develop a plan to improve the person's movement and function. New equipment recently purchased at the Veterans' Home consists of Kinetron, Access Weight Trainer, Ultrasound, Electric Muscle Stimulation, Fluidotherapy, and Whirlpool treatments. The Physical Therapists frequently work with individuals who have had strokes, fractures, joint replacement, and arthritis, to name a few. The Physical Therapy team consists of Lorraine Jones (Chief Physical Therapist), Victoria Conron (Head Physical Therapist), Linda Phelps (PT), LouAnn Mustillo (PT), Brenda Farrell (PTA), and Carlene Bouley (PT Aide). The Physical Therapy Department can be reached at (607) 843-3135.

Our part time Speech Pathologist, works closely with residents to improve communication skills and dysphasia. She can be reached at 607-843-3154.

Occupational Therapists work closely with people to increase their activities of daily living and independent function. Activities may range from dressing and self care to food preparation. Treatments for these skills bridge the gap between nursing home placement and successful return to the community. Our Occupational Therapy team consists of Kara Dopp (OTR), Linda Noble (OTR), Mary Twitchell (OTA), and Dayle Miller (OTA). The Occupational Therapy Department can be reached at (607) 843-3134.

Joe Sugar (PRT), our Respiratory Therapist, is also available for patient care and consults.

All therapists are part of an interdisciplinary team that helps the resident achieve his or her goals.


Speciality Services


The Pet Project

Our facility has a "pet project" in place which integrates animals and plants into our living environment. We currently have cats, birds, and fish living within the facility. Dogs also perform personal visits with our residents on a regular basis. The purpose of this project is to improve the quality of life for our residents and to promote a more homelike environment. Visitors frequently bring in a resident's personal pet for a visit as well. We include areas that are pet-free for those bothered by allergies or who do not wish to participate.

All pets (residential and visiting) must have current shot records on file. If you bring in your pet for a visit, please be sure you bring shot records, a leash, and clean up after your pet.

The Pet Project is partially sustained by resident and volunteer contributions. If you would like to donate, please contact Heeyoun Cho or Jamey Supensky in the Activities Department at 607-843-3126. Thank you to all who have contributed!


Support Services


Beauty / Barber Shop

The Beauty / Barber Shop in the Veterans' Home provides the ladies with shampoos, set, cuts, perms and colors. We also do manicures and makeovers on request, or on special holidays when family visits. We are open 6 days a week, or we can accommodate special family requests. The Barber provides haircuts to most of the men one day a week.

The Cosmetologist and the Barber have over 60 years of combined experience. It is always a friendly and happy atmosphere to serve the residents.

To schedule an appointment, please call the Beauty / Barber Shop at 607-843-3127.



The Commissary is a well stocked gift shop where refreshments, small gifts, and special orders can be made by residents, visitors, and staff members. The shop has been recently renovated to make room for more items! Some featured items include sodas, candies, collectibles and figurines, cook books, and personal items. It is operated and maintained completely by volunteers of the Volunteer Guild. For more information regarding the Commissary, please contact Heeyoun Cho at (607) 843-3126.



The library contains multiple reading material in hardcover, paperback, and magazines. Daily newspapers are also placed in the library for resident and visitor use. A book-borrowing system is also available through the County Library.

The computer lab is located inside the library, near the Gift Shop, off of the main mall. Computer services are available in the computer lab for for all residents including full Internet access with e-mail accounts when requested. Assistance with learning computer skills and setting up e-mail services is available through the Activities Department.


Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a health profession similar to occupational and physical therapy. It is used to address physical, psychological, social, or cognitive function through music experiences.

The music therapist designs individual and group music experiences that are age-appropriate using: improvisation, music listening, songwriting, lyric discussion, performance, music assisted relaxation, moving and dancing to music, and leisure skill development.

For more information about music therapy please visit the American Music Therapy Association at www.musictherapy.org.


Music therapy at the Home can provide:

  • Non-pharmacological pain management
  • Decreased use of restraints and increased range of motion/gross motor skills
  • Decreased risk of falls
  • Leisure skill training
  • A comfort measure during palliative care
  • Opportunities for recall and reminiscence
  • Decreased sundowning by engaging in a familiar and meaningful experience
  • A sense of control over life through successful experiences
  • Improved mood and emotional states
  • Rhythmic structure to promote vocal fluency in conjunction with speech therapy
  • Opportunities for emotional intimacy between residents and their family members.
Qualifications of a Music Therapist

The music therapist is a professional who has graduated from an approved music therapy degree program and has passed a national certification examination. Upon passing this examination the music therapist is Board Certified (MT-BC) and demonstrates entry level skills in the profession. The music therapist works as part of an interdisciplinary team to provide treatment planning and evaluation.


Religious / Spiritual Services

The spiritual health of our residents is an important factor in their overall care.

Multi-denominational services are offered during the week, in both small and large group sessions. This includes Daily Bread, a function of our Activities Department.

Catholic Mass:
Fridays at 11:00am in the Multi-Purpose Room.

Protestant Services:
Sundays at 1:30pm in the Multi-Purpose Room.

We also have a Meditation Room / Chapel off of the main mall. You are welcome to use it for meditation, praying, or simply a private place to visit and discuss.


Volunteer Opportunities

Performance by volunteers at the NYS Veterans’ Home is exceptional. Individual volunteers contribute to many areas of residents’ lives. Some of our volunteers help during mealtime on various units, transporting to and from cottages to the main dining room, offering personal attention during this important function. Some volunteers do mending for residents, assist the therapy department, the eye doctor, and the beautician and barber by transporting residents to and from appointments and giving special attention when reassurance is needed. They also do many room visits, reading menus, writing letters and even assisting with e-mails on a one on one basis. Volunteers assist with our church services and conduct the prayer of the rosary in our meditation room and communion distribution room to room. Some individual volunteers operate the gift shop as often as possible as well as assist the activities department with programming and transporting to events such as bingos and concerts.

We are also graced with a number of organizations that assist our residents in many different ways. The Volunteer Guild, American Legion and Auxiliaries, the DAV, VFW, and several ELKS Clubs contribute to the residents’ quality of life by creative fundraising, with the ever-popular bingo games, holiday parties, and sponsorship of entertainment and clothing banks. Several of these organizations have adopted certain cottages and provide special events not only during holidays but also throughout the year. The Chenango Community Workshop participants visit our facility weekly and assist with transporting from the main dining room. The Norwich High School Basic Educational Needs class assists with transporting to and from morning programs such as sing a longs and birthday parties, keep birdfeeders filled and help in our library throughout their school year.

For more information regarding volunteer opportuniries at the New York State Veterans' Home, please contact Heeyoun Cho, Director of the Activities Department, at (607) 843-3126.

Total recorded hours contributed by volunteers: 5,364
Affect of volunteer contribution on residents: Priceless