Support Services

Beauty / Barber Shop

The Beauty / Barber Shop in the Veterans' Home provides the ladies with shampoos, set, cuts, perms and colors. We also do manicures and makeovers on request, or on special holidays when family visits. We are open 6 days a week, or we can accommodate special family requests. The Barber provides haircuts to most of the men one day a week.

The Cosmetologist and the Barber have over 60 years of combined experience. It is always a friendly and happy atmosphere to serve the residents.

To schedule an appointment, please call the Beauty / Barber Shop at 607-843-3127.

The cosmotology team!
beautyshop 1
Beauty Shop entrance
beautyshop 2
Beauty Shop


The Commissary is a well stocked gift shop where refreshments, small gifts, and special orders can be made by residents, visitors, and staff members. The shop has been recently renovated to make room for more items! Some featured items include sodas, candies, collectibles and figurines, cook books, and personal items. It is operated and maintained completely by volunteers of the Volunteer Guild. For more information regarding the Commissary, please contact Heeyoun Cho at (607) 843-3126.

A wide selection of items for sale
gift shop 2
Fresh flowers available for most neighborhoods


The library contains multiple reading material in hardcover, paperback, and magazines. Daily newspapers are also placed in the library for resident and visitor use. A book-borrowing system is also available through the County Library.

The computer lab is located inside the library, near the Gift Shop, off of the main mall. Computer services are available in the computer lab for for all residents including full Internet access with e-mail accounts when requested. Assistance with learning computer skills and setting up e-mail services is available through the Activities Department.

library 1
Library and Computer lab
resident at computer
A resident enjoys time spent on the computer

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is a health profession similar to occupational and physical therapy. It is used to address physical, psychological, social, or cognitive function through music experiences.

The music therapist designs individual and group music experiences that are age-appropriate using: improvisation, music listening, songwriting, lyric discussion, performance, music assisted relaxation, moving and dancing to music, and leisure skill development.

For more information about music therapy please visit the American Music Therapy Association at

Music Therapy

Music therapy at the Home can provide:

  • Non-pharmacological pain management
  • Decreased use of restraints and increased range of motion/gross motor skills
  • Decreased risk of falls
  • Leisure skill training
  • A comfort measure during palliative care
  • Opportunities for recall and reminiscence
  • Decreased sundowning by engaging in a familiar and meaningful experience
  • A sense of control over life through successful experiences
  • Improved mood and emotional states
  • Rhythmic structure to promote vocal fluency in conjunction with speech therapy
  • Opportunities for emotional intimacy between residents and their family members.

Qualifications of a music therapist

The music therapist is a professional who has graduated from an approved music therapy degree program and has passed a national certification examination. Upon passing this examination the music therapist is Board Certified (MT-BC) and demonstrates entry level skills in the profession. The music therapist works as part of an interdisciplinary team to provide treatment planning and evaluation.

activity music
Music Therapy

Religious / Spiritual Services

The spiritual health of our residents is an important factor in their overall care.

Multi-denominational services are offered during the week, in both small and large group sessions. This includes Daily Bread, a function of our Activities Department.

Catholic Mass:
Fridays at 11:00am in the Multi-Purpose Room.

Protestant Services:
Sundays at 1:30pm in the Multi-Purpose Room.

We also have a Meditation Room / Chapel off of the main mall. You are welcome to use it for meditation, praying, or simply a private place to visit and discuss.

religious services