Fine Dining

The Food and Nutritional Services Department of the New York State Veterans’ Home at Oxford is pleased to provide nutritious meals to all of our residents at the Home. We offer residents a home -like dining experience in one of six dining rooms located on each neighborhood. All staff assists our residents at mealtime. It is a social event that stimulates appetites and caters to our residents’ Preferences.

Because we have located our service areas where the residents enjoy their meals, we are able to offer extensive menu choices for all our residents including those that may require consistency modifications, have personal menu preferences, have medical needs such as allergy precautions or just want to try something new and different.

fine dining 1
Staff Ready to Serve Meals

Our resident menu is based on a three week cycle. In order to assure that the resident dining experience is as close to a home dining experience as possible the menu cycle is change a minimum of twice a year to make seasonal foods available. We also incorporate our holiday meals (12 times per year) and special events such as picnics in the summer into the cycle menus.

In addition to the meals served each day we have snacks that are distributed at least three times a day. In the evening we’re pleased to be able to offer a variety of “at home” snacks including root beer floats and milkshakes among other popular choices. Coffee, juice, hot chocolate and a variety of “munchies” are available 24/7 in each dining area for the pleasure of our residents and visitors.

Residents are encouraged to make suggestions for changes to the menu cycle or snack foods cycle. All residents are welcome to actively participate in the monthly Resident Dietary Meetings.

Residents who require Medical Nutrition Interventions to assure their continued health are assisted by a team of two Registered Dietitians and Two Diet Technicians, all of whom are on staff. A member of the clinical team is available an average more than ten hours a day to meet and talk with residents and their families to discuss their medical nutritional needs. The Clinical Nutrition Team works closely with the Medical Staff and the Nursing Staff as well as the Speech and Language Pathologist to provide meals and snacks that improve the nutritional health of our residents. The expertise of the clinical nutrition staff also makes it possible for us to provide quality nutrition monitoring for those residents who may require intravenous fluids or enteral nutrition.

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Neighborhood Dining Room

Neighborhood Dining Room
Neighborhood Dining Room

diet tech
Sue Parker, Nutrition Service Admin

The Liberty Lounge

The Liberty Lounge is for employees of the New York State Veterans' Home. It is open for breakfast, luch, and dinner. A hot meal is featured daily, with fresh sandwiches available upon request as well. The lounge includes a microwave and a toaster. A cold vending and soft serve ice cream machines are also available.

The Liberty Lounge is open until 5:00pm weekdays, and 3:00pm weekends and holidays.

Volunteers are always welcome in the Liberty Lounge.

staff enjoying meal
Staff enjoying a meal in Liberty Lounge

liberty lounge
Liberty Lounge