Corporate Compliance

To contact us at, please provide us with the following information in as much detail as possible. Consider providing your contact information. This will enable us to ask questions so that we may properly investigate the issue. If you would rather remain anonymous, please use the default fields provided.

You may also contact us at our toll free number:1-800-817-7085

*** All information is kept in strictest confidence. ***


This form has been established for employees and contractors working on behalf of the New York State Veterans Homes to report suspected violations of regulations, including billing and ordering of services not consistent with facility practices.

This web-based complaint form is an anonymous, secure and untraceable process to permit employees to report instances of misconduct or non-compliance should employees believe that standard lines of communication would be inappropriate or ineffective. However, employees are encouraged to identify themselves when making a report so that an investigation can be conducted with full factual background information and without undue delay.

Complaints will be received by the Compliance Officer, investigated, and follow-up actions taken as necessary. Records will be retained confidentially by the Compliance Officer.

Corporate Compliance Officers
DOH - Health Facilities Management (HFM) Rachel Williams
Oxford Christine Bruce
Batavia John Peterson
St. Albans Seydonie Ralliford
Montrose Vincent Zaccheo
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