Activities Department

The New York State Veteran's Home provides an ongoing recreation and activities program designed to meet the interests and physical/psycho-social well being of each resident. Activities staff encourage residents to voluntarily participate in facility programs, stimulate residents to use their physical and mental capabilities to the fullest extent and enable residents to maintain a sense of usefulness and self-respect.

activities group
Activities Group

Items Of Interest

activity music
A group of residents and Activities staff member practice for a concert
piano lounge
Piano Lounge
place kids
Children from local center distribute Valentines Day cards to the residents

Recreation programs vary from large group functions such as church services, musical performances, and Bingo games to small groups such as reading groups and reminiscence groups, to one on one activities like crafts and gardening.

For more information regarding the Activities Department, or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Heeyoun Cho, Activities Director, at (607) 843-3177.