Otsego County Medical Reserve Corps

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A disaster can occur at any time, in any community and without warning. Being prepared for all types of emergencies is crucial. We could be faced with a natural disaster, an act of terrorism or disease outbreaks. Your personal preparedness and your response as local citizens are essential to saving lives and recovering from such events.

The Otsego County Medical Reserve Corp is a registry of trained healthcare and non-healthcare personnel who volunteer to provide assistance in an emergency for Otsego County. The goal of the Otsego County MRC is to support and supplement the existing emergency response in any event that may affect the health, wellbeing, and security of our communities; whether it is a natural disaster, act of terrorism or disease outbreak.

Please take a moment now and consider joining the Otsego County Medical Reserve Corps.


Few things are as rewarding as protecting the lives and property of your friends, neighbors, and even your family. If that statement rings true for you, we can offer you a way to serve your community. Everyone has something to contribute; whether a special skill, ability, energy and/or time.

Learn how you can become part of a supportive, caring, responsible volunteer organization that dedicates its efforts to providing for the safety and welfare of the community through preservation of life, health, property and the environment.