Complaints about New York State Hospitals and Diagnostic and Treatment Centers

The New York State Department of Health is responsible for the ongoing surveillance and investigation of complaints related to the care provided by hospitals and diagnostic and treatment centers, including ambulatory surgical centers, dialysis centers, and primary care clinics in New York State. Generally, only those complaints concerning issues that occurred within the past year will be considered. However, NOT all complaints will be assigned for investigation. Please note that complaints must be submitted in writing.


The complaints noted below are not reviewed by this office:

Before filing a complaint, concern or inquiry, please first review and select from the Subject Drop-down List to see if your question or concern can be directed to other offices within the Department of Health or to another State agency. If you have multiple questions which relate to different subjects, you can submit each separately. You will receive a quicker response. If, after reviewing the list, you still would like to file a complaint, continue below to file your complaint.

Please complete the Facility Complaint Form and submit electronically below, or print here and mail to:

New York State Department of Health
Centralized Hospital Intake Program
Mailstop: CA/DCS
Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12237

If you are unable to submit electronically, or print this form, please call the toll-free number at 1-800-804-5447 and someone will assist you.

Please note that all complaints are reviewed by professional clinical staff using established guidelines to determine if a complaint will be assigned for investigation. You will be notified of the outcome of this review in writing. Any future correspondence regarding the same issues will not affect the outcome of this decision.

Facility Complaint Form

Contact Information
Providing information about you will allow Department staff to contact you should additional information be needed. It is our policy to keep your name confidential. It may be necessary to share the nature of your complaint or the patient’s name with the facility. Please do not attach any additional information such as medical records, as it will not affect the outcome of the decision.
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