ePCR Issues Reporting Form

Your feedback is important to us! We understand that during electronic data submissions, issues may arise. We are not always aware of issues that come up with different software providers and appreciate notice from the EMS Community. In order to address each issue, we need to know the issues so we can respond to each one quickly.
If a provider or agency is having an ePCR issue related to NEMSIS III data submission, please fill out the survey below. The staff in the Data and Informatics Unit will investigate each query and reply to the EMT and/or agency with either a resolution or a response. Even if you feel we know about the problem, please submit the form below so we can determine if this is an isolated issue or more global situation
Thank you for your feedback and helping us ensure data submission flows smoothly.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly via email at emsdata@health.ny.gov.

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