Z EMS Week 2020 ~ Nominations for EMS Team / Provider Recognition

EMS Week 2020 ~ Nominations for EMS Team / Provider Recognition
We are looking for your help to recognize outstanding NYS EMS Providers during EMS Week 2020!

Thank You!  That is what the New York State Bureau of Emergency Medical Services would like to say to all our EMS Providers during EMS Week 2020.  

With the understanding this year’s EMS Week will be a little different then years past, the Bureau would like to take some time to recognize some of those EMS teams/providers who have gone above and beyond this year to help others. 

The Bureau is doing something new this year and offering EMS agencies the opportunity to directly nominate a team or provider to be recognized during EMS Week for their contributions to Emergency Medical Services. 

Below is a submission form where EMS agencies can make a nomination. 


  • ONE NOMINATION: One nomination is permitted per agency; however, the nomination can be an individual or a team (team being a department company, specific group, the agency, etc.)
  • GOOD STANDING: Nominated individuals or team members must be in good standing with the Department of Health
  • SUBMISSION BY: Submissions will be accepted from an EMS agency, Course Sponsor, County EMS Coordinator, REMSCO, REMAC or Program Agency (only one nomination is permitted from each organization)
NOMINATION INFORMATION (the info needed to complete the form):
  • AGENCY CONTACT INFO: Contact information for the agency and the agency leader
  • NOMINEE CONTACT INFO: the form does ask for contact information of the nominee or the primary point of contact for a team.  Please make sure you have an e-mail address.
  • CATAGORIES: We have selected the following categories:
    • Clinical Performance
    • Agency / Regional Leadership
    • Training and Education
    • Operations
    • Innovation and Teamwork
    • Other: If your agency feels there is a different reason, we gave you an “other” option to create a different category!
  • THREE HIGHLIGHTS: Think about three reasons (a few words or one sentence each) on why you feel they should be nominated. 
Submission for nominations are OPEN NOW! 

The nominations will remain open until we have met our maxiumn number, so we encourage agencies to submit early, but remember, you can only submit once. 

Thank you to every NYS EMS Provider, we really appreaite all the work your are doing every day and especially during these very challanging times.  

Happy EMS Week!

Ryan Greenberg
Bureau of EMS & Trauma Systems
EMS Agency Information
Enter the name as it appears on the agency's Certificate of Need.
Enter the four digit code as it appears on the EMS Agency's Certificate of Need.  If an agency code is not available or doesn't apply to the individual submitting the nomination, this field may be blank.
EMS Agency Leadership Contact
The individual submitting the nomination does not need to be the leader of the EMS Agency or organization.
Agency Leadership Title
Direct Contact Number
Nomination Submitted By
The individual submitting the nomination may be the same as the agency or organization leadership.
Submitter Leadership Title
Submitter Direct Contact Number
Nomination (Individual or Team)
Please submit all information on the individual or team performing outstanding work.
Type of Nomination
Individual Nomination
Please enter the six digit EMT number, if the nominee is an EMT (at any level of care).
Individual Nominee Phone #
Nominee Home Mailing Address
If home address is not know, please enter EMS Agency or Organization Address.
Nomination Category
Please select a category for the nomination.  There should be only one nomination in total from each EMS Agency.  

To complete the nomination, please submit three (3) reasons supporting the nomination.
Please add any additional comments that support the nomination.
Team Nomination
Team Leader Direct Phone #
Please list press <enter> after each line and before entering each additional person on the team. 
Team Nomination Category
Please select a category for the nomination.  There should be only one nomination in total from each EMS Agency.
Please provide any information you believe will support the nomination in addition to the three reasons sited above.