Critical Care Technician Sunset Public Comment

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The NYS DOH Bureau of EMS and Trauma Systems along with the State EMS Council (SEMSCO) Training and Education Committee are moving forward with the sunset of the NYS EMT-Critical Care (EMT-CC).  This process started at the SEMSCO in 2017.    

Less than one certification cycle and only 3 years away, we'll reach the 10-year mark from the beginning of that process in 2027. As we approach this 10 year mark we are working on steps to complete what the Education and Training Technical Advisory Group (TAG) put together and are seeking your feedback to take additional steps towards the sunset of the EMT-CC

We are asking for feedback from the field so we can take into account all perspectives. Please read the below and click "Next Page". You will then be asked several questions and have an opportunity for your comments. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. 

Motion from December 2023 State EMS Council Meeting:

Motion to SEMSCO to Commensurate with the acknowledged concerns regarding curriculum, scope of practice and comparable National Standards; while also allowing providers, agencies, and regions to prepare- the sunset of the NYS EMT-CC should follow this process and timeframe: 
  • All expired EMT-CC can continue to refresh at the AEMT level via established processes indefinitely. 
  • The final EMT-CC to Paramedic Bridge shall commence in April 2026, thus, to coincide with the below. 
  • The ALS Collaborative protocols will remove the EMT-CC level of care when implemented on the annual revision timeline- 0000 hrs. on July 1st, 2027. 
  • All currently certified NYS EMT-CC shall expire at 0000 hrs. on July 1st, 2027, and be automatically recertified at that time at the AEMT level for the duration of their current cycle.  

All ePCR platforms in use in NYS shall reflect each previously certified EMT-CC by their new level at 0000 hrs. on July 1st, 2027. 

Motion to Remand this back to Medical Standards and SEMAC for further discussion and to open for public comment/knowledge.

Passed SEMSCO 12/6/2023