Supporting and Promoting Breastfeeding, Chestfeeding and Lactation in Hospital/Birthing Settings – Part 2

1. What is your primary occupation?
2. Do you have any of these lactation certifications?
3. What is your primary work setting?
4. What is your primary work location?
5. Is the hospital you work for designated as Baby Friendly?
6. Is the health care practice you work for designated by New York State Department of Health as Breastfeeding Friendly?
7. Has the hospital or health care practice you work for participated in a breastfeeding initiative such as Breastfeeding Quality Improvement in Hospitals (BQIH), Obesity Prevention in Pediatric Health Care Settings (OPPHCS), Healthy Hospital Initiative, or Creating Breastfeeding Friendly Communities (CBFC)?

NOTE: After you press ‘submit’, the next screen will display a link to the training webinar.  That will be your only chance to access the link, so be sure to copy and save the webinar link before you close that screen!