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 Address:61 W. 23rd Street, #7 New York, NY 10010
 License Number:158429
 License Type:MD
 Year of Birth: 1946
 Effective Date:03/06/2013
 Action Description for DOH Webpage:Probation for three years and the physician is permanently precluded from practicing anesthesiology. The physician may only practice medicine in a supervised setting and may only practice non-anesthesia related medical services to include and limited to initial evaluations, taking histories, vital signs, obtaining electrocardiograms, performing inoculations and only other medical services requiring a similar level of expertise.
 Misconduct Description for DOH Webpage:The physician asserted he could not successfully defend against at least one act of misconduct alleged in the Statement of Charges. The allegations include gross negligence; gross incompetence; negligence on more than one occasion; incompetence on more than one occasion and failing to maintain adequate patient records.
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 Board Order:
BRD 158429.pdf