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 Address:Address redacted
 License Number:156787
 License Type:MD
 Year of Birth: 1948
 Effective Date:09/06/2017
 Action Description for DOH Webpage:License suspension for three years, the first six months to be served as an actual suspension of his New York State medical license with the last thirty months stayed. During the period of the stayed suspension the physician will be placed on probation for thirty months with conditions.
 Misconduct Description for DOH Webpage:The physician did not contest the charge of having committed professional misconduct by having been disciplined by the Massachusetts State Board of Registration in Medicine for failing to respond to a subpoena; failing to issue prescriptions for controlled substances for legitimate purposes ; failing to make available relevant medical records to the Massachusetts State Board of Registration with respect to an inquiry or complaint, and failing to maintain accurate medical records.
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BRD 156787.pdf