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 Address:Address redacted
 License Number:208568
 License Type:MD
 Year of Birth: 1951
 Effective Date:01/16/2018
 Action Description for DOH Webpage:The physician is subject to a limitation precluding the registration or issuance of any further license. The physician is precluded from practicing medicine in New York State and in any other setting where his practice of medicine is based solely on his New York State medical license. The physician is also precluded from further reliance upon his New York State medical license to exempt him from the licensure, certification or other requirements set forth in statute or regulation for the practice of any other profession licensed, regulated or certified by the New York State Board of Regents, New York State Department of Education, New York State Department of Health or the New York State Department of State. This order strikes the original order's condition requiring the physician to maintain active registration of his New York State medical license, however all other terms and conditions of the original order remain in effect . The physician paid the fine on August 8, 2012.
 Misconduct Description for DOH Webpage:This order is a modification of the terms previously imposed on July 23, 2012 under BPMC Order #12-141 and does not constitute a new disciplinary action. The physician did not contest the charge of having been convicted in the County of Porter Circuit/Superior Court, State of Indiana of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.
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BRD 208568.pdf
BRD 208568.pdf