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 Address:Address redacted
 License Number:201091
 License Type:MD
 Year of Birth: 1967
 Effective Date:12/29/2017
 Action Description for DOH Webpage:License suspension for four years, with the last two years stayed. Probation for five years with conditions following the period of actual suspension. Prior to resuming practice in New York State, the physician shall undergo an evaluation of his medical knowledge and skills; complete any medical training or education required as a result of the evaluation; and complete fifty category 1 continuing medical education credits.
 Misconduct Description for DOH Webpage:The Review Board affirmed the Hearing Committee's August 15, 2017 determination finding the physician guilty of committing professional misconduct by having been convicted of an act constituting a crime in the United States District Court, State of New Jersey, of Racketeering-Transporting-In Aid of-Bribery in violation of the Travel Act. The Review Board also affirmed the Hearing Committee's penalty. Previously on May 1, 2017, the physician's New York State medical license was summarily suspended by the New York State Commissioner of Health.
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 Board Order:
CHRG 201091.pdf
HRG 201091.pdf
ARB 201091.pdf