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Welcome to the on-line HCS Account Activation
To activate your account on-line you must have both your
  • HCS PIN letter
  • barcoded notarized account request form
You have 90 business days from the date of the PIN letter to complete this process. If the 90 days has elapsed or you have five failed attempts, you must call 1-866-529-1890 option 1 to activate your account.

Once you have successfully entered your information and continue beyond this page, your account is active and you cannot use the on-line account activation again.

Violation of the security and use agreement (e.g. sharing your account userid and password with someone else) will result in the temporary suspension of your account privileges until required remedial action is taken by executives at your facility. Repeat offenses may result in the permanent removal of the account.

Your attempt to login was not successful!

Please verify your information and try again.

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