New York State Home Care Registry


The Home Care Registry provides limited information about home care workers who have successfully completed a state approved training program in New York State. Information contained in the registry may be entered and updated by third parties, and the Department of Health does not guarantee the accuracy of third-party information provided nor endorse any individual listed herein. Individuals listed on the registry may not be currently certified or may be unemployable, or the information related to those individuals may be outdated. It is the responsibility of those accessing the registry to verify the credentials, employability and competency of any individual listed in the registry.

Information on home care workers is being added to the registry over time and may not be complete at the time of your search.


Home Health Workers and Personal Care Workers listed on the Home Care Registry may be found by searching the registry by name or by the worker's DOH assigned Home Care Registry Number. First enter the appropriate search information, then click on the corresponding Search button. At least two characters of last name are required to search by name.


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