What People Are Saying . . .

Following are excerpts from actual letters received from our resident families….


"This Veterans Home is a very special place providing very special care in a very special environment."


"I can’t say enough about the care (my father) received both physically and emotionally. He was always treated with respect and dignity and the longer he stayed the more the team became like family …not only to him but to us.


“Everyone we came in contact with was extremely courteous and welcoming…”


“Walking through the halls everyone had a hello and a smile just about all the time.”


“The last time (my father) went to the hospital (the nurse) went above and beyond, sitting with my father and holding his hand to reduce his fear until the ambulance came. Once he returned (the aide) would come in and he would reach for her hand for comfort.”


“(the Nurse) would make sure he had a pie a la mode every night and he would rave about how she “cooked” him a fresh pie every day.”


“(the Aide) was always there to cheer (my father) up and shave and clean him.”


“…and (the Nurse) who I met the last night my Dad was alive was an angel. What incredible care and comfort she provided, not only to Dad, but to me as well, as he went to sleep for the last time. When (the Nurse) came in and covered (my father) with the American Flag after his death it was just a perfect ending for a wonderful man.”


“I am at peace knowing that my father lived a great life and had an exceptional last year thanks to the team at Montrose.”


“A few years ago I had to make the ultimate decision to bring my mother to your facilty. My mother, not the simplest person to deal with, needed much catering to and attention. …having to bring her to the (Veterans)Home at Montrose was a major change of environment and lifestyle for her. …I was immediately at peace with my decision once I saw the care that the staff and nurses put into each patient, most especially, of course my mother”


“Your team didn’t just do their job by caring after my mother as nurses and care takers would… they included her and made her feel a part of a family. They genuinely cared for her.”


“Knowing my mother was in the care of the (people) at (Montrose) made it easier for me to sleep at night…knowing she had the best possible care.”