Social Recreation

The New York State Veteran's Home at Montrose provides a daily recreation and activities program designed to meet the interests and needs of the residents. Recreation Department staff strive to make activities person centered, providing both scheduled and spontaneous programs. The recreation staff encourage our residents to make decisions on their own regarding independent activities and suggestions for group programs. Recreation programs vary from large group functions such as religious services and musical entertainment to small group activities such as pet therapy,cognitive games,hortiCulture,creative arts groups,adapted sports and exercise. Residents who either cannot or choose not to participate in group programs will receive regular one on one visits from recreation staff and volunteers in which activities of their preference can be done passively such as reading poetry aloud or listening to music together or active visits like playing cards or arts & crafts projects.

If you have any questions for the Recreation Department please contact 914-788-6056 or the Director of Recreation at 914-788-6175

Therapeutic Recreation & Activities