Rehabilitation Services

The New York State Veterans' Home boasts of a newly equipped Rehabilitation Department ready to meet your short and long term needs. The professional staff works closely as a team to help people achieve their maximum potential.

Our full-time Speech Language pathologist evaluates and treats swallowing dysfunction, aphasia, cognitive impairment, voice and speech disorders, and provides treatment in the use of hearing devices. The Speech Pathologist is dedicated to ensuring that our residents communicate their thoughts and needs to the best of their ability and that they are able to swallow safely to maintain the highest quality of life.


The Physical Therapists develop a plan to improve the person's movement and function. New equipment recently purchased at the Veterans' Home consists of Access Weight Trainer, Ultrasound, Electric Muscle Stimulation, Fluid therapy, and Whirlpool treatments. The Physical Therapists frequently work with individuals who have had strokes, fractures, joint replacement, and arthritis, to name a few.

Occupational Therapists work closely with people to increase their activities of daily living and independent function. Activities may range from dressing and self care to food preparation. Treatments for these skills bridge the gap between nursing home placement and successful return to the community.