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The New York State Veterans' Home at Batavia is a healthcare facility owned and operated by the New York State Department of Health for Veterans' and their dependents. We are located in Batavia NY, about 36 miles from Rochester NY and 25 miles from Buffalo NY.

About Us

The New York State Veterans Home at Batavia opened in 1995 and is one of four Veterans' Nursing Homes operated by the NYS Department of Health. It was built to serve the Western New York region. The facility provides short and long term rehabilitation services as well as long term quality skilled nursing care for Veterans and their dependents.

Recreation and Activities

The New York State Veteran's Home provides an ongoing recreation and activities program designed to meet the interests and physical/psycho-social well being of each resident. Recreation staff encourage residents to voluntarily participate in facility programs, stimulate residents to use their physical and mental capabilities to the fullest extent, and enable residents to maintain a sense of usefulness and self-respect.


The Admissions Department is responsible for the overseeing of the admissions process. They are available to give personal tours of the facility, and meet with you to discuss any questions you may have regarding admissions. For information on how to apply for admission, contact the Admissions Department by calling (585) 345-2049. You can also e-mail Carol Pogorzala, our Admissions Coordinator, or call your local veterans' organization or veterans' counselor.

See: New York State Veterans' Home Admissions Policy.

Social Services

The Social Worker acts as liaison and resident advocate for you or your loved one to ensure that personal, social and emotional needs are being met. Upon admission, one of our social workers will greet you and loved one at the door and will assist you in getting acquainted. Your social worker will meet you and/or your loved one to devise interventions to address your needs. These needs could include, but are not limited to, adjustment to current physical and/or cognitive disabilities and the need for long term care, grief counseling, support groups, and discharge planning if appropriate.


The New York State Veterans' Home is a Nursing Facility that specializes in skilled care. The facility staff provides skilled nursing care within these categories of rehabilitation services Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. For more information and websites that may be helpful to you, please visit Medicare Coverage in a Skilled Nursing Facility.


Medicaid is a program for New Yorker's who can not afford to pay for medical care. You may be covered by Medicaid if:

  • You have high medical bills
  • Receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • You meet certain income, resource, age, or disability requirements.

For more information about what Medicaid is and if it is right for you, please visit The New York State Department Of Health website.

Memory Care And Related Dementia Treatment

The Erie Cottage of the Home provides specialized services for those with Alzheimers Disease and related dementias. Erie houses the EAGLE (Enhancing and Accommodating Growth in a quality Living Environment) treatment program, a unique in-house program modeled after adult day services in the community. It runs seven days a week and into the evening hours.

The program module includes a balance of cognitive and physical activities of daily living, psycho-social and self-expression components. It follows a structured format while allowing enough flexibility to accommodate the attention span of the participants. Staff report improvement in resident functioning in several areas, including decreased agitation during program hours and increased participation in activities of daily living including social interactions with others.

The E.A.G.L.E. Day Program

The EAGLE day program was established in June of 1999. EAGLE stands for "Enhancing and Accommodating Growth in a quality Living Environment". The program runs daily, seven days a week. Program begins after the breakfast meal and ends at approximately 8:00 p.m.

The treatment program includes a balance of Cognitive, Physical, ADL's, Psychosocial and Self-Expression Components.

Goals Of The E.A.G.L.E. Program

  • Maximize attention span or moment of alertness.
  • Increase feelings of security, comfort, and emotional well-being.
  • Allow release of anxiety, frustration, and agitation.
  • Deal creatively with paradoxes: the need for stimulation versus the problem of overstimulation; the need for predictability versus the value of prompting curious injury through change; the need for social interaction versus the importance of "time out or "one-li-ness"".
  • Maintain maximum levels of self-care and dignity in toileting, grooming, dressing, and interpersonal behavior.
  • Allow individuals to function at an appropriate pace and time schedule.
  • Prevent unnecessary deterioration, suffering, or worry about memory loss through programming and services.
  • Provide residents access to organized worship and/or personally meaningful religious expression.

The Day Treatment Room serves a dual function, as it is the program area and the Dining Room for the Erie Cottage. 3 meals are served in the Day Treatment Room, 7 days a week.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services include maintenance, housekeeping, and security.

Maintenance Services - Maintenance services are provided Monday-Friday and on an as needed basis on weekends and holidays. Facility maintenance staff perform a variety of tasks that include plumbing, electrical work, heating/cooling, and general maintenance of the facility and grounds.

Housekeeping/Laundry Services - Housekeeping plays an important role in keeping the facility pleasant looking and sanitary. Laundry services are also provided for residents.

Courtesy Desk / Security Services - The Security Services Department's main focus is to ensure the safety and security of all residents, employees, and visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Resident Rooms

Each of the Home's residential cottages provides double rooms and some singles, each with an adjoining bath. Each occupant has a lovely bay window, comfortable seating area and a spacious closet. Each cottage also contains a cafe´ for watching TV and participating in other quiet activities. There are also many other comfortable areas for relaxing, visting with other residents and family, both indoors and outside. The single story building allows every resident to have a view of the beautiful gardens or the grounds from their room.

Library / Reading Room

The library/reading room is available to residents who enjoy spending time reading, writing, and participating in quiet activities.

Liberty Lounge / Patio / Memory Garden

The Liberty Lounge / Patio / Memory Garden an area where our residents can enjoy activities and special programs. Deli Carts also provide opportunities for residents, resident families, and staff to dine. More importantly, it is a lovely, pleasing environment where residents can socialize and spend some quality time with visitors or other residents.

Business Office

The Business Office at the NYS Veterans Home in Batavia takes care of billing, purchasing/accounts payable, resident accounts, Medicaid/Medicare, census and receiving/storeroom.

Purchasing - The Veterans Home at Batavia is required to follow all procurement regulations of the State of New York. For more information on doing business with the State of New York, please visit the web page of the Office of General Services.

Payroll Office - The payroll office handles payroll, employee accruals, benefits, and workers compensation.

Medicaid/Medicare - For general information, please visit the Medicaid/Medicare sections on the Admissions page.

Medical and Nursing Services

Three Physicians and a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner are on staff and coordinate the Medical Services for our residents. Dental Services are provided on-site. Comprehensive skilled nursing services are provided on a 24-hour basis. Our Nursing employees range from brand new graduates of our Certified Nurse Aide Training Program to seasoned employees with over 20 years of service.

Rehabilitation Services

The Rehabilitation Services staff works with the Interdisciplinary Care Team to help each resident meet his/her short and long term goals. The objective of the Occupational Therapy (OT) Department is to work with residents to promote their autonomy and independence despite the limitations of age and disability. The objective of the Physical Therapy (PT) Department is to assist residents in maintaining or restoring their freedom and independence in mobility.

Physical Therapists - frequently work with individuals who are affected by strokes, have fractures, joint replacements, arthritis, and respiratory/cardiac problems and help them develop their functional status. Our therapists use a variety of exercise programs, neuromuscular re-education, and transfer/ambulation techniques to assist our residents in regaining and maintaining their maximal functional status. PT issues and trains residents and staff in the use of assistive devices such as walkers, quad canes, crutches and transfer boards.

Occupational Therapy - is a skilled treatment that helps individuals achieve independence. The OT staff evaluates the abilities of the upper extremities related to activities of daily living: bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting and feeding. Then our therapists work closely with our people to increase their activities of daily living and independent functions. Treatments for these skills bridge the gap between nursing home placement and successful return to the community. OT issues wheelchairs and positioning or adaptive devices a resident may need: Drinking cups and silverware, splints, cushions, seat belts and safety alarms. They also provide instructions to family members and attendants in the safe and effective methods in caring for individuals.

Pet Therapy Program

Two times a week, our Activities Department offers a Pet Therapy Program, which integrates animals and plants into our living environment to improve the quality of life for our residents and to promote a more homelike environment in which to live.

Visitors may bring in a resident's personal pet for frequent visits. Our Activity Director ensures that all pets (residential and visiting) have current shot records on file, and we include areas that are pet-free for those bothered by allergies or who do not wish to participate.

Other Services

The New York State Veterans' Home at Batavia also offers a variety of other services to our residents.

In-house vision care is offered to residents in an interdisciplinary team concept offers our residents a higher quality of vision services. Podiatry services are an important and integral part of patient care. Appointments and transportation are arranged through the in-house Clinic. Outpatient services can also be supplied Salon Services are also provided in-house.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who is eligible for Admission to the Home?
A: Please contact our Admissions Department for information regarding admission to the Home.

Q: How many residents currently live in the Home?
A: The NYS Veterans' Home at Batavia is a 126 bed facility.

Q: Who would I speak with regarding employment opportunities?
A: You can reach our Human Resources office by calling (585) 345-2000.

Q: What is the E.A.G.L.E. program?
A: The E.A.G.L.E. program is a day treatment program that is offered at NYSVH Batavia. You can learn more about it on our E.A.G.L.E. page.

Q: Can I bring in my pet to visit?
A: Yes, domestic pets are welcome at The Home. Please view our Pet Therapy page for details and requirements. We also have visiting therapy pets twice per week.

Q: Where are you located and how do I get there?
A: We are located in Batavia, New York, approximately 36 miles from Rochester and 25 miles from Buffalo. For our online map or driving directions, are available for your use.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Office works with each Department to pick the very best candidate for the specific opening that we are trying to fill. The Human Resource Department continues to support supervisors and staff alike throughout the working life of each employee. Some of those activities include providing guidance, direction, and assistance in the execution of various personnel activities.

Current Employment Opportunities - Applications are currently being solicited to fill immediate and anticipated vacancies in the Nursing Department. We are seeking applications for Certified Nurse Aide, Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse positions. The Home employs qualified individuals in these titles on a full-time, part-time and per diem basis. We offer competitive wages with generous NYS Benefits. Benefits are also available for part-time except per diem.

Employment Application - Our employment application is available online in PDF format. You can download Adobe Reader here. Please print, complete, and mail to the address shown on the application.

Download Employment Application

Employee Assistance Program

E.A.P. is a benefit offered to all NYS employees, family members, and retirees. It is a voluntary program designed to offer a highly professional, confidential source of help for personal problems or concerns. The program offers assessment and referrals. The program recognizes that employees are people first and are subject to stress and pressures that impact their ability to be effective at work. Confidentiality is paramount. The only exceptions to confidentiality are when information is required by law or executive order to be disclosed, when a person is likely to harm him/herself or others, or when there is reasonable suspicion of child abuse.

The NYS EAP is jointly sponsored by labor and management. It provides referrals, tailored for individual employee needs, to community resources. The program tries to offer a choice of resources, which are low-cost or no cost. Some of the services requested by employees may include:

  • Assistance with family related problems;
  • Assistance with emotional or physical illnesses, alcohol and other drug-related problems;
  • Information on resources for childcare, eldercare, legal and financial support services;
  • Workplace, health education, and employee wellness programs.

The EAP Coordinator is able to meet with employees at the Home or in a public setting. Employees may obtain EAP services by calling (716) 847-3013.